Artificial intelligence for Finance & insurance

30th May, 2020

Atul Tripathi, a thinker who has been acknowledged to influence the thoughts of the nation, a data scientist with 16+ years of experience and interest in AI, Multilingual Unstructured Data Processing and Analysis, and a consultant in National Security Council Secretariat, Prime Minister Office, Government of India.

Member of the team that worked on the AI Policy and Data Protection Policy for India and also a member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square and GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals).

Atul has developed Strategies and Self Learning applications using AI for- National Security, IoT, IoE, IIoT, Indian Railways, shipping, human speech recognition and image processing and an advisor of setting up a data science center at IISER Mohali.

Atul’s book Machine Learning Cookbook is translated in Chinese as well.

Atul Tripathi 

Author & Consultant to Govt of India