Institutional Alliance

establishes partnerships and builds networks

Sabudh Foundation establishes partnerships and builds networks with institutes with the prime objective to connect to their domain expertise, resources, and strengths, with its own developmental initiatives undertaken at the grassroots level.

Many prominent government agencies, NGOs and education institutes have already joined hands with Sabudh to further its data science initiatives.

The expectation is that the institution will:

Filter good students for the six month internship at Sabudh Foundation.

Provide faculty to engage in research on social good projects with Sabudh Foundation on topics of interest.

Provide mentorship to students at the Foundation on projects of interest.

Produce e-content for training students in topics of expertise.

Provide a single point of contact that will actively participate in regular Steering Committee meetings.

Benefits Include:

  1. We bring social problems for researchers to engage with
  2. We work with the institutes to bring funding for social projects
  3. We raise awareness of the great work on the subject happening in the Punjab region
  4. We help attract industry to engage/invest with research in the institute
  5. Faculty development programs
  6. Awareness workshops in departments of the institution on how these advanced technologies can help advance their own subject areas

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