Artificial intelligence for Internet of things

Full-time Internship Program

55+ Graduated

28 Students have been enrolled in the current Batch (Batch - 7)

The program offers a blend of live sessions, hands-on sessions, and mentorship from esteemed academics and industry professionals, providing a comprehensive learning experience.
This course has been meticulously crafted with inter-disciplinary curriculum that meets today’s aspirations for innovation.

    The course is designed specifically for three purposes: 

    To empower the next generation of leaders.

    To provide students an open learning experience promoting curiosity and significant opportunities to give back to society through knowledge.

    To offer a comprehensive learning journey comprising: Immersive Training, Dedicated Mentorship, Engaging Hands-on work experience with grassroots organizations addressing social issue.

    Program Highlights


    Get an edge over during your placement with our renowned program certification along with the prestigious alumni status upon completion.

    Taught by renowned Industry representatives

    Learn from 30+ industry experts. These experts will not only be your teachers but also will be your guiding mentors.

    2 Cutting-edge Specializations

    Choose from 2 in-demand specializations and accelerate ahead with your learning and career aspirations.

    Passion Projects

    Be a part of revolutionary social processes of innovation and projects, which serve an impactful social purpose in our society.

    One-on-one mentorship

    Weekly personalized one-on-one mentorship interaction for proactive monitoring and get complete command over your project by choosing the right and professional mentor to choose the right project to fuel up your career.

    Case Studies and Assignments

    For better engagement, students will be provided with 30+ latest case studies and assignments.


    1. Does registration mean we are enrolled in the internship?
      No, registration does not confirm your enrollment in the internship. The applicant must have to clear the aptitude test and successfully clear the interview round.
    2. When will the internship start?
      The internship will commence in the first week of July for July-Dec batch and in the first week of Jan for Jan-June batch . Selected candidates will receive onboarding letters detailing the exact start date via their registered email addresses.
    3. Is the internship paid?
      No, the internship is not paid. The interns will not receive financial compensation for their work during the internship.
    4. What will be the fee for the internship?
      This internship involves no fees; it is fully funded by Sabudh.
    5. Is the internship online or offline?
      The internship is conducted online.
    6. Is there placement support after the internship?
      No, direct placement is not provided after the internship. However, we offer guidance on where you can apply for opportunities, and we organize expert sessions to help you prepare for interviews.
    7. What will be the medium of communication throughout he program?
      The medium of communication will primarily be through email.
    8. How many seats are available for the program?
      We can accommodate approximately 200 interns, but the exact number depends on the performance of applicants in the aptitude test and their performance during the interview. Additionally, applicants who cannot commit time for the internship on weekdays are generally not considered.
    1. Can I change my Educollab password?
      Yes, you can change your Educollab password by clicking on “forgot my password,” providing your email, and following the instructions.
    2. I am not able to navigate to the aptitude test tab. What should I do?
      To navigate to the assessment tab, follow the steps:
      Steps to attempt the assessment:
      1. Login to your educollab account
      2. Search for Python Programming Workshop (July 2024)
      3. Navigate to the assessments tab
    3. I can see the course but I am not able to access the content?
      Make sure you have subscribed to the course.
    4. I don’t have the educollab credentials. How should I attempt the aptitude test?
      If you have just registered for the course, you have to wait for at least 48 hours for the credentials. If it’s been more than 48 hours, You need to search for eduuollab in your email box, the credentials should be there. If still not received, you should write to the admin at
    1. I applied for the Data Science internship, should I attend the Python workshop also?
      Attending the Python workshop is not mandatory, but it can help you in clearing the aptitude test. Since Python is a part of Data Science, attending workshops on both Python and Data Science is bene1cial.
    2. I missed the aptitude test, will I get a second chance?
      No, there is no second chance if you miss the aptitude test. It’s advised to regularly check your registered email for updates, and you can also join our WhatsApp group for better communication.
    3. Are the assignments shared after the workshops mandatory to attempt?
      Assignments shared after the workshops are not mandatory, but it’s recommended to attempt and submit them as practice.
    4. What is the next step after the aptitude test?
      The next step after the aptitude is the final interview.
    5. What are the passing marks for the aptitude test?
      The passing marks for the aptitude will be determined after evaluating the responses. We will set a cut-off based on the total number of candidates who participated in the aptitude and their performance.
    6. Where can I find the course content of the workshops?
      All sessions conducted during the workshops will be recorded and made available on our learning platforms; Educollab. Those who have registered for the internship or joined our WhatsApp group (details provided in the automated email after registration) will be granted access to Educollab credentials for viewing the content.
    7. Are these workshops conducted offline or online?
      Workshops will be held online.
    8. How can I best prepare for the aptitude test? Which topics should I prioritize to ensure success?
      To prepare effectively for the aptitude test, focus on understanding the fundamental of data science, logical reasoning, critical reading and basic mathematics.
    9. Will the aptitude test be offline or online?
      The aptitude test will be conducted online and will be uploaded on our learning platform, Educollab. Applicants will be notified via email about the date and timing of the aptitude test to ensure they can easily attempt it.
    1. Will academic performance be taken into account during the selection process?
      We do not directly consider academic marks for the internship selection process. However, candidates with very poor academic records or pending supplies ma not be considered for the internship.
    2. How are interns selected after registration?
      After registration, applicants will receive an automated email containing important dates and a link to our official WhatsApp group. We will conduct awareness workshops on Pthon and Data Science, which registered/ non-registered candidates can join to gain insights into the six-month learning journey. Following the workshops, we will roll out an aptitude test. Applicants who score above the cut-off will be invited for interviews. Those who successfully clear the interview will receive onboarding letters.
    3. What will be the basis of the interview assessment?
      The interviews will primarily assess our fundamental understanding of Programming and mathematics. However, candidates with knowledge of the field for which they are applying for internship will be at an advantage.
    4. Who is eligible for this program?
      Individuals who have a full 6-months training period in college or can dedicate full-time availability for 6 months are best suited for this course.
    5. What is the prerequisite for this program?
      A basic understanding of programming and mathematics is a prerequisite for this program.
    1. Is attendance compulsory during the live sessions?
      Yes, attendance is compulsory during live sessions.
    2. If I miss the session, will I get lecture resources?
      Yes, all the live sessions are recorded and uploaded to our learning platform, Educollab, for easy access.
    3. What is the expected time commitment for the program?
      Learners are expected to commit a minimum of 48 hours per week to successfully complete the program
    4. Can I enroll in just one course, such as Machine Learning or Python?
      Yes, you can enroll in individual courses, provided you meet the prerequisites for each course. For specific prerequisites, please refer to the brochure, where learning paths are outlined.
    5. What are the timings of live sessions?
      Our live sessions typically commence at 8:00 am, with 2-3 classes scheduled each day, each lasting around 1-1:30 hours.
    6. Besides live classes, what other commitments are there during the course?
      In addition to the live classes, active participation is required in weekly catch-up sessions with the administration, project mentor, and routine mentors. Additionally, there may be expert sessions, participation in these expert sessions is compulsory.
    1. What will be the duration of the project?
      The duration of the project is 6 months.
    2. Will the project be a live project?
      Yes, the project will be a live project.
    3. Will I get the option to choose a project of my interest, or will it be allocated by Sabudh only?
      Projects will be allocated based on your interest and availability.
    4. Will the project be teamwork or individual?
      Projects may be either teamwork or individual, depending on the project requirements.
    5. Will I be allocated a guide/mentor for the projects?
      Yes, a guide/mentor will be allocated for the projects.
    6. I am doing this internship to submit a project in college, can I submit the same project?
      Yes, you can submit the same project results for your college requirements. However, please note that the codes are copyrighted by Sabudh. Additionally, when submitting, ensure to acknowledge that the project was a result of teamwork, and you are presenting it as your individual effort.
    1. Will I receive a certificate after completing the internship?
      Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion.
    2. Will the certificate hold value if presented to companies?
      Absolutely, the certificate will hold significant value as proof of completion and will bear the logos of Sabudh Foundation and STPI.


    Full - Time: Duration: 6 Months

    Time commitment -

    6 Months
    (48+ hours/week)

    Eligibility -

    Working Professionals/Students from any academic year/research scholars.

    Prerequisite -

    Basic understanding of programming and Mathematics.

    Fees -

    The candidate's commitment and dedication towards the internship will serve as an appropriate fee.

    As long as you have the passion to learn, this innovative program will ensure that you’re equipped to kickstart your learning career in Data Science.

    Who is it for -

    • This program is for students/ working professionals who aspire to learn and looking to gain a foothold in the Data Science Industry.
    • Those who are readily available to invest hard work, dedication, sincerity and time.
    • Driven individuals who are determined to learn, challenge and practice.
    • Students/Professionals who want to learn at their own pace.

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