Internet of Things

Full-time Internship Program

35+ Graduated

(8 Graduated from batch 4 as well)

The program is a combination of online-classroom learning, hands-on work experience, mentoring and coaching by some of the most inspiring academics and professionals in our industry.

These courses are carefully designed with a multi-disciplinary curricula that meet today’s aspirations for innovation.

    The course is designed specifically for three purposes:

    The program seeks to train and empower the next generation of tech leaders.

    To give the students an open learning experience promoting curiosity and significant opportunities to give back to society through knowledge.

    The fellowship program includes 4 prime pieces, training, mentorship, reflections, and hands-on work experience with a grassroots organization working on social issues.

    Program Highlights


    Get an added advantage during your placement with the well-renowned certification on the program’s completion along with the prestigious alumni status.

    Taught by renowned Industry representatives

    Learn from 30+ industry experts. These experts will not only be your teachers but also will be your guiding mentors.


    Select one of the two in-demand specializations to advance your education and professional goals.

    Social Innovation Projects

    Be a part of revolutionary social processes of innovation and projects, which serve an impactful social purpose in our society.

    One-on-one mentorship

    Weekly personalized one-on-one mentorship interaction for proactive monitoring and get complete command over your project by choosing the right and professional mentor to choose the right project to fuel up your career.

    Case study, capstone projects and Hackathons

    For better engagement, students will get a chance to participate in hackathons, assignments and will be updated with the latest case study.


    Full - Time: Duration: 6 Months

    Time commitment -

    6 Months
    (48+ hours/week)

    Eligibility -

    Interested candidate from any background

    Fees -

    We will consider the candidate's commitment and dedication towards the fellowship as an appropriate fee

    As long as you have the passion to learn, this innovative program will ensure that you’re equipped to kickstart your learning career in Data Science and IoT.

    Who is it for -

    • This program is for students looking to gain a foothold in the Data Science Industry.
    • Fees - We will consider the candidate’s commitment and dedication towards the fellowship as an appropriate fee.
    • Readily available to invest your hard work, dedication, sincerity, and time.

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