Route Optimization for Bus Fleet

Problem Statement

To address the problem of school bus routing by scheduling an efficient fleet of school buses for rural school networks in which students are picked from there specific bus stops and are dropped at school within the constraints of

  • The Bus maximum capacity,
  • The maximum riding time allowed per student,
  • Least possible fuel expense and,
  • Minimum amount of CO2 emissions by the vehicles.


A typical school bus routing problem involves planning a schedule for a limited
number of school buses that pick-up students from various bus stops and deliver
them to their respective schools while satisfying certain constraints (capacity of
bus, minimum time student spends in bus, time window to arrive at school, CO2
emissions of each bus and other factors).

  • To select routes that are safe and avoid traffic
  • To take the size of buses into account while choosing routes
  • To calculate CO2 emissions and mileage for each bus
  • To show routes for all the buses allotted to take students from the bus stops to schools.
  •  The design of web app enables admin to upload a .csv file or mark the locations on the map with desired student load.
  • The admin can choose the number of routes that are required and set which location should be covered via which route.
  • The admin can also view optimised routes plotted on the graph and can set the charges per kilometer.
  • The students on other hand can view the routes of each bus and the fee they will have to pay.