Mental depression

Depression is a common mental disorder, which can happen to anyone at any stage of Ilife. In most cases, it is not recognizable even by the person who is suffering from it. The main goal of this project is to detect whether a person is depressed or not and then identify the level of depression the person is suffering from.

The Ecg Monitoring And Decision Support System

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in humans. Automatic detection of heart diseases based on ECG provides important assistances for doctors, and also helps common people to self-monitor their heart conditions.

Route Optimization for Bus Fleet

A typical school bus routing problem involves planning a schedule for a limited number of school buses that pick-up students from various bus stops and deliver them to their respective schools while satisfying certain constraints (capacity of bus, minimum……

Bird Species Classification

In comparison to video based monitoring, audio classification proves to be instrumental because the sounds have the advantage of propagation to long distances without being interfered with objects in between the emitting source and the recording devices.

Knowledge Graph For Data Mining

A solution to deal with the shortcomings of Matrix Factorisation based recommendation systems is to use items’ (and users’) metadata and develop algorithms which can exploit this newly added data.

Is your organization working on solving critical social challenges?

We’re looking for project partners to solve social problems using data science and machine learning.

We welcome corporate partnerships wherein, to make the students work on social data projects provided by you, We are open to collaborate in diverse fields viz. education, public health, medicine, agriculture and governance.

Benefits include:

  • Provide access to the student pool in this space.
  • Attract investment in the Punjab region in advanced technologies.
  • Raise awareness of the great work on the subject happening in the Punjab region.
  • Our extensive network of worldwide academics and industry leaders to help students work on the project.