Mr. Atul Tripathi was a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence consultant in National Security Council Secretariat (Prime Minister’s Office, New Delhi, India) working in field of application of Artificial Intelligence for National Security. Atul is data scientist with 16 years of experience and interest in Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Multilingual Unstructured Data Processing and Analysis. He has worked extensively on the AI policy and Data Protection Policy too for India. He is member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square and GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). He has been ranked 6th in top 10 speakers and thinkers who have been influencing thoughts of the nation by SpeakIn (Asia’s largest platform of speakers and thought leaders).

Atul has developed Strategies & Self Learning applications using Artificial Intelligence for – National Security, IoT, IoE, IIoT, Indian Railways, Shipping, Human Speech Recognition, Image Processing. Atul has been teaching Anti Money Laundering, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence and Policy implementation at various universities and institutions and industries. He is a well-known Keynote Speaker at various forums. He is an author of Machine Learning Cookbook (PACKT Publications). The book has been translated in Chinese. He is an advisor for setting up data science centre at IISER, Mohali.