Sabudh Foundation

Sabudh Foundation is formed by the leading data scientists in the industry in association with the Punjab government with the objective to bring together data and young data scientists to work on focused, collaborative projects for social benefit. We aim to enable the youth to use powerful AI technologies for the greater good of society by working on real-world problems in partnership with nonprofit organizations and government agencies, to tackle data-intensive high impact problems in education, healthcare, public policy, agriculture, etc.

Programs we offer

Sabudh foundation is welcoming aspiring Data Scientists to undergo six months internship and become a SABUDH FELLOW. The foundation works on Data Science projects having real social impact. The interns will be learning machine learning and AI from the leading lights in the industry and academia. These interns will be working on real-world, high impact problems in areas such as agriculture, governance, healthcare, and education with potential employment offered after the completion of the internship.

Sabudh Fellowship
Full - Time

Duration - 6 Months
Who is it for -

As long as you have the passion to learn, this innovative program will ensure that you’re equipped to kickstart your learning career in Data Science and IoT.

Time commitment - 6 Months (48+ hours/week)

Eligibility - Candidate interested of any background

Fees - We will consider the candidate’s commitment and dedication towards the fellowship as an appropriate fee


Sabudh Fellowship
Part - Time

Duration - 12 Months
Who is it for -

As long as you have the passion to learn, this innovative program will ensure that you’re equipped to kickstart your learning career in Data Science and IoT.

Time commitment - 12 months (12-14 hours/week)

Eligibility: Working professionals/ candidates (First year- Final year) who genuinely want to learn the future tech.

Fees: We will consider the candidate’s commitment and dedication towards the program as an appropriate fee

Our Featured Projects

A few handpicked case studies from our work in brand design, experience design, and business design that have impacted people, businesses and the design industry positively.

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Working here at Sabudh as an intern was a huge opportunity. The exposure and guidance that comes along here serve as a boost in the right direction. I learned the importance of background details and an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts that I used to implement. I loved the atmosphere, the freedom, and the stress-free work environment which I found here which helped me work on my own terms and complete the project on time. I look forward to working in close collaboration with Sabudh again.

Harinder Singh
Guru Nanak Dev Engg College, Ludhiana

As a Data science intern here at Sabudh I’m glad that I got an amazing opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization. Moreover, I’m thankful for this golden opportunity which is a great kick-start for my career in the field of Data Science. Under the guidance of Dr. Sarabjot who is a master in the field of Data Science and Machine learning, I got the best exposure and knowledge that I could ever get.

Thank you, Sabudh team, for a super friendly working environment and terrific six months

Linu Jose
IT Career Academy (GGSIPU)

Interning at Sabudh was an awesome experience. The time passed at the speed of light, it was very hard to leave that place after two months and I was emotional on my last day at Sabudh. With the course of machine learning, we also learned a lot about ourselves. It helped a lot in individual development. As a group, we worked on improving our communication skills, which helped a lot in building confidence. And we learn to study without spoon-feeding, which I think is the need of the hour. The thing which I liked the most about Sabudh is that the environment was very lovely and homelike. People were like family and very helpful. At last, the stay with such amazing people is immemorial and I will like to work again.

Nishant Inda
PEC, Chandigarh

My experience at Sabudh as an intern was very enriching. Everyone was very helpful. I have learned so many new things which include python programming language, machine learning, etc. I have also changed the way of looking at any problem. I am very grateful for everything I learned while interning at Sabudh. I will look forward to getting the opportunity to learn more and to work with Sabudh again.

Manpreet Kaur
IIT Ropar

I absolutely would like to thank Sabudh for this learning opportunity. It was an amazing experience for me professionally and personally. I’m going back with more knowledge on machine learning with their algorithms, but most of all with memories and an unforgettable experience.

Kamesh Sharma
Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar

I learned many things like python Machine Learning Deep Learning. Other than this we all do group discussions, my fluency in English improved through this process.

Amarjeet Singh

Interning at Sabudh was a great opportunity. It gave me a wonderful platform to recognize my talent. The whole team was so helpful to work with. The working environment, teaching techniques, and guidance that I got here were marvelous. Everyone had the freedom to learn at their own speed. I really enjoyed working here. Machine learning has become my favorite only because of the way we get introduced to its applications and various aspects.

Before this internship, I attended Machine Learning lectures, but the clarity of concepts and the real value I got at Sabudh were incredible. A big thank you to all the members of Sabudh.

Jeewanjyot Kaur
UIET, Panjab University

Data Science has always fascinated me, and Sabudh became the platform that helped me explore Data Science. We had a seminar in our college, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, by Dr. Sarabjot Singh, where I came to know about Data Science. After that, I wanted to learn more but didn’t know where to start. Sabudh is the platform that gave me lots of opportunities to explore and learn. It has been an amazing experience interning here and the methodologies taught by the faculty really help you make your base solid strong. I made new connections, and the exposure you get here is unparalleled.

As the faculty at Sabudh always says “Once part of Sabudh, always a part of Sabudh”, I look forward to being here at Sabudh in my winter vacations too.

Karanjot Vilkhu
Guru Nanak Dev Engg College, Ludhiana