This program is embedded in a mature and highly sophisticated research & learning culture that has an equally strong base in data science and future businesses. This research culture has evolved over the last years, primarily engendered by a highly distinguished faculty and brilliant ready-to-learn students.

At Sabudh we expect students to learn & look beyond any certificate, degree, or any entitlement, that’s why writing research papers are highly valued and are constantly encouraged to work upon. We believe that this unique data-driven academic environment is well-positioned to impart high-quality training to inquisitive young minds. The deserving student of this program will obtain a certificate with specialization in a particular discipline. Sabudh’s core curriculum helps students to impart knowledge and to become a wonderful pool of talents to challenge and to tap the future possibilities.

“The novelty of this program lies in its interdisciplinary approach, strong flavor of guidance, exposure to industry needs, and in-demand skills for future possibilities.”


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