Sabudh Data Science Pro 2020 – Previous Webinar

Sabudh Data Science Pro Previous Webinars

Dr. Danko Nikolić (15th August 2020, 6:30 PM)

Dr. Danko Nikolić is an expert in both brain research and AI. For many years has run an electrophysiology at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. He is an AI and machine learning professional heading a Data Science team and developing commercial solutions founded in AI technology. This makes him well suited to point out the key differences between our brains and the machines.

Mr. Sameer Dhanrajani (8th August 2020, 11 AM)

Mr. Sameer Dhanrajani is Chief Executive Officer at AIQRATE, globally recognized AI advisor, business builder, evangelist and thought leader known for his deep knowledge, strategic consulting approaches in AI space. Sameer has consulted with several Fortune 500 global enterprises, Indian corporations, startups, SMBs, VC and PE firms. Academic Institutions in driving AI led strategic transformation and innovation strategies. He has a rich and proven experience of building and scaling AI businesses and practices, securing large AI engagements & deals and creating significant client impact.

Sameer is an MBA from IIM – Bangalore and pursued Strategic Management program from London Business School & Digital Innovation & Design program from MIT.

Dr. Ganesh Mani (1st August 2020, 6:30 PM)

Adjunct Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Ganesh Mani (@Net Thoughts) is on the adjunct Faculty of Carnegie Mellon University and is considered a thought leader in imbuing AI into many areas, having contributed to several innovations in the field. He has worn multiple hats including entrepreneur, investment manager and researcher. His articles have appeared in many forums, ranging from Neural Computation to Bloomberg Opinion. He has a PhD in AI / Computer Science and an MBA in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; in addition to an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He has consulted for and serves on the advisory boards of many leading institutions.

Prof Nasir Rajpoot (23rd July 2020, 3:30 PM)

As the founding Head of Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) Laboratory at the University of Warwick department of Computer Science and the Computing lead for the PathLAKE Centre of Excellence in AI for pathology, I am leading a programme of research on novel algorithms for analytics of digitized images of cancerous tissue slides. Our research ranges from profiling of individual cells to profiling groups of patients sharing common traits, with applications to computer-assisted diagnosis and grading of cancer and image-based markers for prediction of disease outcome and survival. Our goal is to develop the next-generation of Computational Pathology (CPath) technologies for better patient satisfaction and Precision Medicine.

Pratibha Moogi (18 July 2020, 11 AM)

She holds PhD from OGI, School of Engineering (2003), OHSU, Portland and Masters from IIT Kanpur (1997). She got opportunity to serve many key R&D groups of Multinational companies – Texas Instruments, Nokia, and Samsung. Currently she is leading a Data Science team within [24] Innovation Lab, a leading B2B customer journey analytics solution provider.

She holds 10+ International Publications and 5+ Patents. She is involved with many Mentorship initiatives specific to Speech Science and Technologies – WiS, YFRS, WiN. Her current work interests now in building personalized products & solutions in the emerging areas of Data Science.